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  A Word from Fr. Paul

Sunday preaching is the main way a pastor leads his congregation. I take preaching seriously, and do spend much time working on my weekly message. I base it on the readings, but also what I feel are the needs of our community.  My main goal is always to encourage and lead each of us to become more committed disciples of Jesus Christ. That is a lifetime journey for all of us. In order to help each of you follow along each week, I have added this section of our website.  I ask that you do take the time, to listen and study, and pray on the messages. If you find them helpful, please share them with others.  If you have questions, make an appointment with me, or simply comment on the post!

May God Bless You!
Your Pastor

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Recent Homilies

Tithe 10 Minutes of Prayer Everyday
(July 1, 2018  13th Sunday Ordinary Time)

Are You Hungry? St. Mark is giving us a “Sandwich Story”, that is a story within a story, each shedding light on the other. Today’s sandwich teaches us that death has a role in life; to lead us to Jesus to be Raised Up and given something to eat. In my first homily, I have a request of everyone in the parish (including our youth!) Will You Tithe? Let’s Tithe by giving God our first (or best) 10 minutes in prayer everyday. This will help us die to self, and conform more and more to our risen life life we’ve received in Baptism, and that grows  through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we receive through the Eucharist.

Nothing Can Stop God, Except a Hardened Heart
(July 8, 2018  14th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

In the beginning of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus comes upon the scene showing his power. He cures the sick, casts out demons, preaches with authority, calms the sea, even raises the dead! Nothing can stop him right? That was until he comes home, and finds people have a lack of faith. In this homily I examine what prevents God’s power from acting in our life. It is not only our lack of belief, but believers too limit God’s power because we depend too much on our own strength, and hence even when we have good intentions, we still fail to let God act in our lives. Last week I asked for 10 minutes a day in prayer. Today I suggest a way to examine our lives during that time, to see where we might be blocking God’s power, and His Love.

St. Paul reveals to us that God has a Plan,  and is inviting us to be part of that plan. Since God is all powerful, His plan will come to be. The question is ‘Will we be part of that plan?’ In this homily I recognize that sometimes we hear God’s plan preached as ‘Repent or go the Hell’. In this homily I attempt to share the Good News of the Gospel, the Blessed Assurance we have in Jesus. And how to find and follow our Mission or Purpose in Life.