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Mass Schedule for the coming weekend of safe celebrations of the Eucharist.  Registrations will open at 7AM on Wednsday before coming weekend.

Note: Sunday Masses (including Saturday evening Vigil Mass) REQUIRE REGISTRATION, so that we may keep numbers below maximum allowed for safe celebration of the Eucharist.

Saturday Vigil Sunday Mass 5PM in the church – livestreamed also (limit 80 persons you must pre-register below)

Sabado Vigilia de Domingo Misa a las 7PM en la iglesia – livestreamed (Se requiere un limite de preinscripcion de 80 personas)

Sunday Misa en Espanol @ 8AM en la iglesia – livestreamed (Se requiere un limite de preinscripcion de 80 personas)

Sunday Mass in English @ 10:30AM in the Church – livestreamed also (limit 80 you must pre-register)

Sunday Mass in English @ 1:00 PM in the Church – livestreamed also (limit 80 you must pre-register)

New: Watch Mass From Parking Lot and We will bring out the Eucharist at Communion time. Register below using the Car Registration button. 

Daily Mass continues @ 8am Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday in English, Tuesday & Thursday in Spanish (no registration needed.)

The Church is Open for private prayer daily 9AM – 1PM (we close at noon for cleaning on Tuesday and Saturday).

We have Adoration Tuesdays 4-7PM.

we will continue with Confessions Saturdays from 9-10 AM.

Guidelines for safe celebration of the Eucharist:

If you are over 65 years of age, or have health conditions that make you more at risk, you are encouraged to stay at home. The Masses will be live streamed, and the Archbishop has given all persons dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.  Additionally, if you are unable to register for a Sunday Mass, consider a daily Mass as an alternative to your normal Sunday Mass.

All who register and come to Mass will be asked to observe the following precautions:

For the benefit of all, we kindly ask:

As You Enter:

  1. Entrance for Mass will require pre-registration. Ask volunteer for information how to register.
  2. We will have an orderly check-in of all who enter. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND,
  3. Please follow the direction of all our volunteers.
  4. If you have to wait outside, please maintain Social Distance of 6 feet or more.
  5. Volunteers will ask if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please read list of symptoms before check-in so as to be ready to respond.
  6. Wearing of face mask is required at all times (age 3 and up) inside Church and on Church grounds outside.
  7. Sanitize hands on entry and exit.
  8. Entrance through Massey Street door only.
  9. Volunteers/Ushers will assign you seating.

Once You are In Church:

  1. Please minimize your movement and the touching of objects while inside Church.
  2. To receive Communion:
    • Form a single row up the middle aisle.
    • Stand 6 feet apart in line to receive communion.
    • Sanitize your hands using sanitizing stations at the front of the communion line.
    • Leave your mask on to receive the Eucharist in your enthroned hands.
    • Walk 6 feet away, consume the Eucharist, and replace mask over nose and mouth.
    • Return to your seat by side aisle, maintaining Social Distancing.
  3. Wait for dismissal instructions at the end of Mass.
  4. Continue Social Distancing as you leave church and in parking lot outside and on all parish grounds.
  5. Social gatherings after Mass are not appropriate at this time.


Use of bathrooms:

  1. For Daily Masses, bathrooms are locked. (Ask volunteer if there is an emergency.)
  2. For Sunday Mass
    • Sanitize hands BEFORE use.
    • Wash with soap and water for 20 seconds AFTER use.
    • Maintain Social Distancing while inside.
    • Touch as few surfaces as possible.

This is where you will be able to register for all Masses. Each mass will have a registration button:

Why do we require registration? There are two reasons:

  1. So that you don’t have to come to church to only find there is no room and have to go back home.
  2. So that if we learn that someone who has attended our church has become ill, you can be notified.

Sunday Masses (registration opens at 7am Wednesday before coming weekend):

Watch Livestream Mass from our parking lot AND RECEIVE COMMUNION, by our Eucharistic Ministers who will come to the parking lot to distribute communion. If you would like to try this, we will accept 10 cars per Mass as a trial. After you register, we will email you more complete instructions. 

Remember Registration Does not Open till 7AM Wednesday for the Sunday Masses, and at Noon the day before each Daily Mass

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