OLG YAGContact Person: Theresa Avila (310) 947-6486 |[email protected].

When and where is the Young Adult Group meeting?  YAG meets every Tuesday night in “The Coop”.

Who is able to attend the meetings?  YAG invites all young adult who are 18 years old and out of high school to 39 years old.  Also, you do not have to be catholic to attend, so bring a friend.

What is discussed at the meetings?  Each week we pick a scripture (or two) to read and reflect upon.  Typically, we review the passage and discuss how this relates to our lives.  We find that through scripture, we can strengthen our relationship with God, our families/friends and ourselves.

Besides weekly meetings, do the Young Adults get involved in anything else?  As active members of the church our YAG members help out at food drives, on the confirmation retreats, with mass and at the other events throughout the church.  We try not to limit our services to just OLG, but we also try to get involved in other community activities.  We love to help, so if you have an ideas or know an organization that could use some helping hands, please let us know.

Do the Young Adults host “night-out” events or social meetings?  Once every other month, we try to put on a fun event to get YAG and other young adults to hang out and have fun.  Thus far, our events have included go-cart racing, bowling, Salsa dancing, and chicken wing night at Del Amo Mall. In 2010, we plan on many more events, so please let us know if you want to help plan or have any ideas.

Whom should I call for more information?  You can contact Theresa Avila at (310) 947-6486 or by email at[email protected].  You can also find us on Facebook (OLG YAG) to get weekly updates of meetings, group discussions and add us as your friend.