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Holy Week Schedule

Liturgy of the Last Supper/Liturgia de la Última Cena
Adoration until 10:00PM

Station of the Cross Estaciones de la Cruz
(Live Stations in the Church, by our Youth / Estaciones de la Cruz en vivo con el Grupo de Jóvenes )
Liturgy of Good Friday,  Liturgia del Viernes Santo

Easter Vigil, Vigilia Pascual

6:00AM Beach Sunrise Liturgy Bishop Alexander Salazar
14th Street and Strand in Hermosa Beach
Please bring your own chairs
Misa en la Playa. Favor de traer su propia silla
7:00AM, 8:00AM (Spanish), 9:45AM, 11:30AM

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A Lenten Message From Fr. Ray

Hope you are still making a good Lent. Remember that prayer, fasting and alms giving are the pillars of this Season. This is your week to use the Sacrament of Penance. The Sacrament will be available either here or at a neighboring parish – Monday through Friday at 7:30. Please make use of these opportunities. The priests of the five parishes are making many sacrifices to be available to you. Please arrange your schedule so that you might receive this Lent, the grace of the Sacrament of Penance.

It is time to get into the Fiesta mode. We need Fiesta Sponsors, Booth Sponsors, Silent Auction gifts, Fiesta Raffle tickets bought and people to sign up to help. Please check the bulletin or our website for more information.

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Congratulations Fr. Lazaro!

Fr. Lazaro Sandoval, OFM Conv.Congratulations Fr. Lazaro on the 7th Anniversary of your Ordination!

May the Love of the Lord be with you as you continue your most Holy and Blessed Work! Thank you for your many gifts you share with the Our Lady of Guadalupe Community.

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Divine Mercy Novena

Divine MercyDivine Mercy Sunday is on April 27th, 2014.

The Novena leaflets in English and Spanish are available at the back of the church. The Novena begins on Good Friday. Sacramental Confession and Holy Communion are the other two requirements for receiving the Indulgence. If desired, St. James Church and some of the surrounding parish will have Divine Mercy Devotions on that day.

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Parking At Easter

Once again, we would like to remind you of the many visitors that will be at our parish next weekend. It would be to your advantage to come early. If your usual space is taken this can be an opportunity to thank God for one more person that come to enjoy our parish family’s hospitality

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A Few Lenten Thoughts from Fr. Ray

lent-candles_widgetThis is our 4th Sunday in Lent – hope you are having a good Lent. It is more than half complete. This week, Fr. Carlos and Fr. Lazaro are busy with a Mission here at Church for the Spanish speaking. Pray that The Holy Spirit will be active in their hearts and all those who will attend. Not this week, but rather next week, – the 5th Week of Lent – you and your family will have MANY possibilities to receive the grace of God through the Sacrament of Penance (Confession). Recently, I listened to a talk given by Cardinal Sean O’Malley which was reflecting on the teaching of Pope Francis. Traditional morality always emphasized man’s fall – our falling into sin. Pope Francis is encouraging us to think of a morality that emphasizes God’s LOVE which is LOVE that picks us up to bring us back to life. Think of Confession in this light – when you receive this Sacrament think of God as pulling you up to bring you back to life. His Mercy is not just Redemption from Sin but it is the Lord pulling you up and bringing you back to LIFE. Don’t overdo the beating up of yourself for your FALL but allow God’s Mercy to touch you and PULL you up to New Life.

That following week, is Holy Week. Please put our Liturgical celebrations on your calendar. Two things that I want you to know as you plan your attendance. At our Easter Vigil, this year, we will not have any Baptisms. Everyone was baptized who has been a part of our RCIA program. So we will celebrate their First Communions and Confirmation. If you have not attended the Easter Vigil because you think it may be too long – this year it will be shorter. This might be your year to attend. Also once again we will have our Easter Sunday Sunrise Mass at the Beach – 6:00AM. This year Bishop Alex will be the main celebrant. Last year God provided dolphins and whales in the background. This year he will bless us with a Bishop and hopefully a wonder attendance to give him glory.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe School News

OLG School - DolphinsIt was Science Week at OLG. The students of OLG devoted the entire week to exploring different areas of science. They designed catapults, created apple batteries, visited the virtual Camp-Eat-A-Wella, built hovercrafts, had recycle relays, and experienced a Desert Dome right here in our Parish Hall. Our teachers creatively integrated science throughout the content areas and the students had fun learning by doing. Check out our school website to see our students in action.

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Take Up and Read Scripture Study at OLG

Hands in prayerSt. Jerome held that ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ. If you feel called to know Christ better, consider participating in the “Take Up And Read” Scripture Study at OLG. The group meets on the first and third Mondays of each month. You can find more information at this link.

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Baptisms In April

Please note there will not be any baptisms or baptismal classes in April . The next baptismal class will be on May 14th at 7PM in the parish hall. The next baptism will be on Sunday, May 18th at 1PM. For more information, please call the parish office 310-372-7077.

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From Fr. Ray

Thank You to each of you who have helped with Together in Mission 2014. Our Goal is $40,555.33. If you have not made a pledge or a one-time gift, please do so. I want to share with you the good news – 423 have participated in Together in Mission 2014. That is 423 of you have either made a Gift or a Pledge. Thank You!! To date we have received $25,629.00. So we still are about $15,000 short of our goal. I’m certain we will reach it with pledges being paid and new gift and pledges that we will receive. Remember we are in Lent. Remember the three pillars of Lent: Prayer, Fasting and Alms Giving. Are you living the Christian Life more deeply each day? Remember as a parish we are helping the Missions during Lent. Have you gone to Confession yet? Are you being faithful to doing Penance? What is your daily prayer life looking like? Are you using the Lenten folders or cans which will become our Lenten gift – sacrifice – to the Missions?

Fiesta 2014 is just four weeks away. All is going well with the planning – but we still need your help. Please plan to attend the Fiesta. Can you donate a silent Auction Gift? Have you bought a Fiesta Ticket (Raffle, $50.00) yet? May God Bless you as you LIVE this Lenten Season!

**If you prefer, you may purchase your Fiesta Ticket, and presale tickets here **

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